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Serenity Scent Work K9 Nose Work® Super Sniffers

Are you ready to take your K9 Nose Work® journey to the next level? Perfect for dog & handler teams of all levels. Whether you're just starting out or have been trialing for years, you're always welcome here! Join a group of like-minded dog & handler teams! Imagine achieving your scent work goals faster, overcoming obstacles with ease, and being the best team you can be. That's exactly what our Super Sniffer program is designed to help you achieve. Whether you'd like to submit videos for instructor feedback, want new ideas for searches or just want to connect with someone & train together, this coaching program is here to guide you on your journey to success, providing the support and strategies you need to thrive in K9 Nose Work®. This subscription comes with access to an online group as well as a private Facebook page. A scent based challenge or puzzle is released to both on the first Monday of each month!


K9 Nose Work® Super Sniffers, $10.00/month

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Serenity Scent Work K9 Nose Work® Super Sniffers

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