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Snake Avoidance Training

This potentially life saving online course is facilitated by Marra from Dog Training Help in WA. 

Will your dog be one of thousands of Australian snake bite victims this summer? In Australia, there is an estimated 6,200 dog-snake bite cases reported annually. Snake avoidance training saves lives!

Our 8 week online program will help you teach your dog to detect local venemous snakes, retreat away from them & alert you to their presence by performing a behaviour you teach!


The course is broken up into 4 simple steps:

1. Chose an indication behaviour & review your recall

2. Chain your recall to your indication behaviour

3. Teach the odour as the cue for the behaviour chain

4. Practice in simple & then life-like setups


Enroll NOW so you're ready for summer!!


How does an online scent course work?

- 8 week program with facilitator support and feedback from date of enrolment 

- You'll be posted a Snake Kit, including fake snake, and scent from two species of venomous snake likely to be encountered in your region. 

- You'll be teaching your own dog with the help of videos from an amazingly experienced instructor

- New content is added weekly into your learning portal, which you can access anytime

- You'll have 12 months access to online content & recorded videos

- Access to the online forum to share and discuss training with other students.

- Weekly live online Q&A workshops with facilitator (also recorded).

- Enroll anytime! 

The fine print:

- This course is recommended to dog & handler teams with some training experience, especially with a marker, recall & trick training.

- This course does NOT use or promote the use of shock collars! We use marker-based, positive reinforcement training ONLY. 

- Dates listed in "booking" section for the course are purely to stagger enrolments. Once enrolled, the course content will be accessible to you 24/7 for 12 months. 


Enroll now!

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