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Scientifically sound, practically effective and humanely appropriate training for your canine companion

Meeting you & your dog wherever you are, without judgement

Jess is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, one of only 29 in Australia. 

She’s also a Family Dog Mediator and an Associate K9 Nose Work® Instructor, one of only 41 NACSW® instructors in Australia, offering both private and group scent detection classes.


Genie, her canine soul mate and Beagle mix started Jess’ training journey way back in 2005 as a pup.


Since then she’s been lucky enough to train hundreds of dogs in a variety of different areas, but her passion is helping those with anxiety struggles come out of their shell and live a happier life.

Having shared her home with a dog with anxiety struggles since 2016, Jess understands the unique challenges it brings for both the people and the pets in your household. This makes her uniquely qualified to help.

With this great power, comes great responsibility, which is why Jess uses least intrusive, minimally aversive strategies and techniques to achieve lasting behaviour change.


This ensures health, nutrition and environmental conditions are all assessed and modified to set your dog up to succeed even before we start training!

Her techniques and programs are tailored to the individual needs and personality of each dog & guardian team, ensuring you both feel confident and empowered throughout your journey together. 

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Serenity Scent Work & Dog Training

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Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia. 

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