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Scientifically sound, practically effective and humanely appropriate training for your canine companion

Meeting you & your dog wherever you are, without judgement

In addition to her role as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Jess is also a Family Dog Mediator and an Associate K9 Nose Work® Instructor. Remarkably, she is among the select 21 NACSW® instructors in Australia, offering specialized private and group scent detection classes.

She's also the first Mantrailing Global Accredited Instructor in NSW, Australia!


Jess's journey with dogs began in 2005, inspired by her beloved Beagle mix, Genie. Since then, she has had the privilege of working with countless dogs, specializing in various areas. However, her true passion lies in helping dogs facing anxiety struggles find peace and lead fulfilling lives.

Having firsthand experience living with a dog battling anxiety and reactivity struggles since 2016, Jess intimately understands the challenges it poses for both pets and their human companions. It can be both isolating and disheartening to be on this journey alone. This profound insight uniquely equips her to offer compassionate and effective solutions.

With a commitment to ethical practices, Jess employs least intrusive, minimally aversive strategies and techniques to facilitate lasting behaviour change. She meticulously evaluates health, nutrition, and environmental factors, ensuring optimal conditions for success even before training begins.

Central to Jess's approach is customization & community. She tailors techniques and programs to suit the individual needs and personalities of each dog and their guardian and strives to provide a sense of community to those who may have been ostracized due to their dogs' behaviour. Through personalized guidance and unwavering support, Jess empowers both parts of the dog and human team to thrive together on their journey.

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